The Spirit of Yarmouth

Frazer Turnbull - 2015

Since 1992, when this cup was first donated by David and Sue Langford and won by Natalie Young, it has been awarded annually to a person selected by the Carnival Committee members during the week of festivities. Natalie, like many young people, came by boat every year with her family, living aboard in the harbour for Carnival Week and taking part in all the events.


Some people seem to be winners throughout their lives because they are particularly good at something: sports, rowing, fishing or whatever; while others, however hard they try, never quite manage to win anything. So David and Sue decided, because it seemed a bit unfair that enthusiasm and effort apparently went unrecognized and unrewarded, to create this award.


For the Centenary year (2010) of the Yarmouth Carnival, we decided to change the rules slightly and with the Langfords' permission we are taking the award one step further. In the future the Carnival Committee will be looking for someone between the ages of thirteen and sixteen who has been outstanding not only during Carnival Week but at other times, although still remembering the original ethos of trying hard without the necessity of always winning. This 'Someone' will have shown character, a caring and helpful disposition and above all a really enthusiastic outlook on life. He or she  will be awarded the Spirit of Yarmouth Carnival Cup and will also be presented with the Spirit of Yarmouth Carnival silver pendant/badge of office and the Spirit of Yarmouth Carnival book of past winners, all of which they hold for the year and return during the following Carnival Week. A Certificate will also be presented to the winner to keep for their CV.


Having been chosen for this award the recipient will be asked to attend other events during their year and to represent the Carnival at public functions in the town if and when required. During their second year they will be asked to support the new Spirit and be prepared to stand in when required.

1992 Natalie Young 2006 Eleanor Rushworth    
1993 Joanne Mcleary 2007 Jonti Davies    
1994 Zoe Young 2008 Abby and Suzy-May Lister    
1995 Jennifer Scott 2009 Jenny Gibbs    
1996 Jenny Cronin 2010 Dominic Suckling    
1997 Richard Pimm 2011 Olivia Connaughton    
1998 Debbie McCleary 2012 Carl Ingram    
1999 Alice Scott 2013 Helen Sceales    
2000 Molly Stovold 2014 Maya Andersen-Payne    
2001 Hahshem & Elaheh Kangarani 2015 Frazer Turnbull    
2002 Kati Roberts 2016      
2003 Emily Parker        
2004 Charles & Peter Kingston        
2005 Lottie Suckling        
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